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Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all

It's time to play.

We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us (Churchill). This is true for everything, we become the environment we create.

All things around us, are pieces moving around created at a certain moment in time. Even this moment - right now - shapes your life.

After 2020 things started to accelerate and it feels our environment is changing faster than ever. Remote work let people see that work can be done while having more freedom. Once you start compounding freedom, it's hard to stop.

Thanks to the innovation of last decade people can accomplish more on their own than ever before, and this is accelerating as well.

This made me realise that people are not workers, but creators.

Companies need to compete, to win. For individuals cooperation is the key to succes. And this is how we will work in the future.

To solve the obstacles in front of us we need to innovate. It's about the amount iterations you make and not the hours spend. Small communities, where all individuals have skin in the game, are able to achieve this in very different and effective way.

I believe in the passionated and independent individual, who plays. He is never part of a team, but joins orchestras.

He takes responsibility for each moment.

With my 10 years of experience in building companies and designing brands, products and internet companies I'm setting my self up for this new adventure with an experiment.

Moment, my personal digital organisation (DO)

For years I thought about the future of work, remote wasn't it but just a part of something bigger, with web3 it starts to present it self.

You can't learn by not doing.

You have to jump.

That's why I'll created moment, a one person organisation that can become - and is - part of different liquid teams, DAOs and can create things on its own and do nothing.

If you need a moment, you can hit the button below.

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Rethink tomorrow

E-learning platform - With Señor Wooly we created a e-learning platform from the ground up where students (+1m users) can learn Spanish in a playful way and teachers can help students making progress.

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Hey mind - An app that helps you explore your own mind, without any how to's or prescriptions. it's your mind, for you to explore.

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TRIGGX - A Startup (part of House of Performance) who builds digital tools for next generation change consultants. With a small team we redesigned their platform to make it more intuitive and fun to use.

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