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Do it for the action, not the reaction.

This s is a quote by Lachlan Morton, a guy who likes riding his bike. He is more than one thing; he goes on different adventures because he does it for the action, not reaction.

About me

I'm a designer & entrepreneur from Amsterdam who founded a traditional remote design agency. Currently, I'm on a journey figuring out the new maker economy / liquid teams modal.

A new adventure, a new brand

Chapter 4 - A new adventure to explore the cooperation economy

Not one thing

What if you are not one thing?

The river, space, and time.

A story about asking questions

Building side projects

On switching gears, liquid teams and I interviewed the first maker; Twan Kruiswijk.

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Alex Danco - Makes A Scene [podcast]

The Story of Us: Full Series

Balaji Srinivasan w/ Tim Ferris [podcast]

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The Cooperation Economy šŸ¤

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