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About me.

I'm a designer & entrepreneur from Amsterdam who founded a traditional remote design agency. Currently, I'm on a journey figuring out the new maker economy / liquid teams modal.

Not one thing

What if you are not one thing?

The river, space, and time.

A story about asking questions

Building side projects

On switching gears, liquid teams and I interviewed the first maker; Twan Kruiswijk.

Strava to notion

What if you could save your favourite route's from strava on your own website and share it with the world

Hit the right keys and you can buy a house

We are all playing the online game of attention.

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What Iā€™m reading

Alex Danco - Makes A Scene [podcast]

The Story of Us: Full Series

Balaji Srinivasan w/ Tim Ferris [podcast]

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The Cooperation Economy šŸ¤

Notion Template to build this website