Not one thing

Not one thing

In my previous note, I shared some thoughts about how the future economy will look like. It's about the individual, power to the person instead of the organization. We are heading to a world where people will collaborate to build a new thing, but it doesn't stop there.

The individuals who play will do not just one thing, by many. Every decision to spend four years working at one company will mean shutting off hundreds of other opportunities.

People building things on the internet already knew this; YouTubers are already doing this, and with remote work going mainstream, more people start to realize that they can do more than one thing.

We waste our time, and once you realize that this is the obstacle in front of your freedom, you start to ask different questions.

The questions create new opportunities, and many of these opportunities lead to more people creating new things.

What does it mean if you are not just one thing?