Hit the right keys and you can buy a house

Billions of people are playing the great online game.

We are all typing on our keyboard to buy a house. People who win at this game are aware that it's a game. They are playing chess.

The game becomes a rat race when you are not aware it's a game. You escape the game by seeing it as a game; simply sit and watch. You realize you can play many metagames, for example, the game we call social media. It's another place with different rules to get from A to B.

You can choose not to play the game, but then you can't win. While playing you realize that there is no ceiling, but it gets tricky when you learn there is also no bottom.


The game becomes fun when you discover it's not about you; it's about what you want to achieve. Sharing pictures of your avocado toast won't get you anywhere.

When it's about you, you can only lose. With infinite opinions, you will get hurt someday.

Realizing that there are infinite opinions also means they are worth absolutely nothing. When you say something, you will find people who agree and disagree; and both sides always have the same feeling of righteousness.

Some people play the game only having opinions; then it's the most boring game ever. The 'opinionators' only goal is to sell as many opinions as possible; for them, the game is about them. They create absolutely nothing.

The game gets more fun if you are typing on your keyboard to build something new and don't take things too seriously.

It's up to you which meta game you want to play in.

But in the end it's one world, therefore it's crucial which group wins.

Do we want to live in a world of makers and innovators, those who play.


Or one build on top of empty opinions;


It's up to you.